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At a cost of up to $15,000 a year, the antiretroviral drugs used for treating HIV and AIDS are a big money-maker for drug companies. But apparently they are also a good choice for corrupt doctors who are illegally trying to make a quick buck off the US Medicare system. A federal investigation has revealed that Dr. Suresh Hemrajani of Manhattan, NY, falsely diagnosed about 150 patients with HIV, and billed Medicare for $700,000 worth of phony prescribed treatments.

What a shame for a country that had millions of dollar expenditure in health care. But similar situation if comes to Nigeria , what will be the situation there

In Lagos and Abuja many are false diagnosed every now and then. In 2011 Nigerian HIV forum details more than 10000people are victimized due to this. The reality and  virtual world is not very far . The cheating from medical companies will continue until Federal rules will not come in to effect

They then wrote the “patients” prescriptions for expensive HIV drugs, billed these drug costs to Medicare, and even invented fake follow-up visits that never actually took place in order to bill the system for even more money.

Cheating is every where, these hospitals are heating every one every seconds. Nigerian health care is corrupted beyond limits. Nigerian HIV deaths are increasing , and even 10% of the Nigerian adult population has the virus in body, still HIV in Nigeria is stronger than ever before.

Nigeria is a beautiful country and must not let that die like this. Nigerians has to come up first to kick the buts of so called pharmaceutical companies who are milking them. Allopathic medicines it self is highly corrupted and now this is too much .

Say Bye to allopathic medicines as welcome to a new Tomorrow.

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