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HIV in Nigerian Couples

Testing HIV positive is not a death sentence. There has been tremendous awareness about this scourge – many couples around the world have accepted the situation and decided to still live together. That is good. Many more people around Nigeria are equally advised to avail themselves for the voluntary counseling and testing exercise to ascertain their HIV status. It is for their own good. I think it’s of great importance for us to rethink about our perception of HIV. It no longer kills as much as it did in the earlier days of the scourge dating back to about two to three decades ago.

Anyone who tests HIV positive should bear in mind that there is significant hope and life ahead despite any circumstances we may find ourselves. People who tested positive of HIV should first of all know they must adapt to a new way of life which are as follows:

1. When one tests positive of HIV, this virus is often managed with the use of some medically prescribed medication (often called the Anti-Retroviral drugs). Before anyone is administered these drugs, the health workers will often hand out a set of instructions. The instructions will often require strict compliance to enable the patient maximize the benefits of the drugs. This class of drugs is often taken for the rest of one’s life. So be prepared for this adjustment.

2. You are strongly advised to have safe sex. Because a couple is HIV positive does not mean there is no more risk of re-infection as there are different types of the virus – type one and type two. So having a safe sexual intercourse is highly recommended to help you manage your unique health situation.

3. Nutrition is vital for any HIV patient. The immune system is the number one victim of the virus. Taking into consideration the activities of the HIV virus. One is often required to eat a balanced diet that will help strengthen the body immune system. Vegetables are very good and highly recommended. Fruits are highly recommended as well for the achievement of a good health. Anyone that is HIV positive is strongly advised to consult a dietician for a good prescription.

4. A woman who is HIV positive is often advised not to breastfeed her new-born baby which is a strategy to minimize the risk of mother to child transmission of the virus. It is very possible for an HIV positive woman to bring forth babies who are HIV negative. But this is 99% possible through the assistance of medical doctors. She is advised to consult a medical doctor when she desires to take in.

Any single man or woman who tests HIV positive should work towards getting married to start living a more organized and focused life. There are so many benefits in marriage. Marriage will shape the remaining days of your life for the best. If you find it difficult to find a life partner, try looking around for online dating agencies dedicated to HIV positive men and women. So they can link you up with a suitable person of your choice.

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