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HIV Nigeria Latest Again

Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa, is going through the longest period of civilian rule since its independence. However, in addition to rebuilding the economic and political system of the country, the Nigerian government has to rebuild its heath infrastructure. Its under-five mortality rate is 197 deaths per 1000 live births, and HIV, malaria and diarrheal disease account for about a quarter of the deaths among adults.

HIV is gripping in Nigeria like an octopus and some one will sure to say Niegria HIV aill slowly covert entire population to AIDS , so Nigeria can become world’s first ever Complete AIDS Country

Allopatic medicines are fail  against HIV 1 Type and Sub type D,E,F  Viruses andthey can grip entrire population in some years.

It is easy to laugh but when this scenario comes what will you do?

In 2012, past successes helped SFH become the first Nigeria NGO qualified to receive funding directly from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The five-year cooperative agreement between USAID/Nigeria and SFH aims to improve the health and quality of life among Nigerians by increasing the use of reproductive health products and services among women of reproductive age.

But – I may be blunt- to say the success rate always will be limited to 30% where as 70% can still plunge themselves to death through AIDS.

The only suggestion is to to HIV Nigeria or AIDS Nigeria is to use Holistic medicines to cure HIV – And that can cure you.

HIV Nigeria is a curse and  ADS Nigeria is a calamity. Nigeria AIDS can kill millions and can mop up entire generation from Nigeria.


Act now cure AIDS in Nigeria and abolish HIV Nigeria.

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