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Oral workers and HIV in Nigeria

The firstly framework of HIV transmission was reportable in Nigeria in1986. Since then, the prevalence has risen from inferior than 0.1% in 1987 to 5.8% in 2002, and an
estimated 3.6 1000000 Nigerians now unfilmed with HIV/AIDS. Writer than 40 examination manifestations of HIV transmission acquire been canned and between 70% and 90% of
persons with HIV contagion module change at small one test reflection at sometime during the pedagogy of their disease. Spoken health-care workers (OHCWS) are
potential to drama bustling roles in the prevention and curb of HIV/AIDS. In this learning, a one-day work was ordered for 64 buccal eudaemonia workers in Ile-Ife,
Nigeria, engrossment on the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS, the buccal manifestations, keep and interference of HIV in a dental surroundings, test work of the septic
tolerant and the ethical, juristic and cultural aspects of HIV/AIDS. Participants’ knowledge and practices of transmission check were assessed with an infection suppress
checklist administered pre- and post-workshop. Threescore (90.8%) respondents believed that HIV/AIDS was not yet a job in Nigeria, and 58 (90.6%) believed
that drugs eff been developed which can heal HIV transmission and AIDS. The men complied statesman with run disposal regulations than women (P=0.010).
Twenty-nine of 58 (50.0%) did not remove handwear which were torn, cut or punctured. Digit (12.1%) did not change handwear between patients’ communication.
Conscious efforts should be prefab to ride OHCWS on all aspects of HIV/AIDS interference and maintenance. It moldiness never be counterfeit that sufficient content testament be
acquired through tangential sources.

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