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HIV Immunity evolution on pbs

HIV Immunity evolution on pbs Double Immunity Dr. Stephen O’Brien’s work with HIV led to a discovery that could one day help scientists treat or prevent HIV infection: People from some European populations carry a genetic mutation that prevents HIV from entering their white blood cells. O’Brien hypothesizes that this mutation, dating back 700 years, may have been a selective advantage during the bubonic plague, as it is today, with the onslaught of HIV. From Evolution: “Evolutionary Arms Race.”

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24 Responses to “HIV Immunity evolution on pbs”

  1. ttwilkable says:

    some really good stuff here

  2. Ishta5 says:

    mechanism that adds information is gene duplication, in which a long stretch of DNA is copied, followed by point mutations that change one of the copies. the origin of some proteins.
    Yeast was put in a medium with very little sugar. After 450 generations, hexose transport genes had duplicated several times, and mutated adding new dna

  3. Ishta5 says:

    the antibiotic resistance is not one less gene but a longer dna by either mutation or conjugation, transduction, or transformation.

  4. Ishta5 says:

    wrong, it is the human that has the mutation. you do not understand evolution nor this example

  5. toul100 says:

    HINT: it the O- blood type.

  6. CrimesonWitcher says:

    Isn’t that Liam Neson doing the narration!

  7. ohgoditsjames94 says:

    If you’re immune, after a while, the virus will die.

  8. keyz3238 says:

    Some people are actually immune to the HIV virus because if they are lucky enough then they will lack a certain receptor that the virus needs to get in the cell and replicate. But that doesn’t mean that the virus will go away and that you wont put others in dangers, but it just means that you are the lucky one to be immune to the virus since your body doesnt have the receptor required for the virus to do harm.

  9. bajanzelly says:

    HIV changes so much it can’t be found in a test!

  10. juliawoorix says:

    The STD counselor on a Herpes support site Pozmingle,com said herpes doesn’t live outside the body for long..and you can not catch it from inanimate objects in a VERY RARE case if someone with herpes uses a towel after the shower and rubs enough of the “virus” off and someone uses it immediately after there is a VERY slim chance of them getting is since the towel is still damp.. but that would be a very rare occurrence.

  11. Ishta5 says:

    1999 look at the link in the box below the video

  12. hygienestudent says:

    im curious to know how old this video is. does anyone know?

  13. WillExposeYou says:

    I’ve heard that ppl with O negative blood can’t get Aids – I’m not going to take their word 4 it.

  14. Xenthoid says:

    i heard about it in the news as well… however i can’t much information in detail about it

  15. CadicusTheDamned says:

    I read in USAToday that progress has been made towards developing a vaccine.

  16. Xenthoid says:

    the allele frequency of the gene (CCR5 delta 32) are at 10 to 11 percent in norther europe, radiating in lower percentages in all directions.

  17. ProConstitutioner says:

    They use lies to support there religion.
    I pity you.

  18. Ishta5 says:

    I have seen every video I can find of creationism and they have all been debunked, and all the information I have is from science books. you might want to read one.

  19. Ishta5 says:

    ok, realize you have no scientific understanding of the theory and only believe the lies of the convict named kent hovind. there are tons of videos debunking every claim he has made. If you make a video debunking evolution then I will respond. But you can’t there is no evidence to back up you position. Dinosaur with feathers and teeth is not a transitional according to you, what would you accept as an traditional.

  20. ProConstitutioner says:

    i now realize that everything you told me about came from this video. You need to start looking at both sides instead of evolution, and don’t tell me you did because if you did you wouldn’t believe in evolution. Please explain to me where matter, and outerspace came from.

  21. ProConstitutioner says:

    1). Dinosaur fossils don’t count as proof for evolution, in fact, dino’s still live till this day, you don’t hear about it because it goes against evolution. Carbon dating has been proven not to work. And yes, alot of fossils found have been proven to be a hoax.
    2). The birde fossil they “found” cannot be proven that it had feathers, and it looks like a fuckin chicken, and you can’t prove it even evolved. A fossil proves nothing, and they never found a fossil in the midst of evolving.

  22. Ishta5 says:

    transitional fossils.
    take a look at this video

  23. Ishta5 says:

    you misunderstand the evidence for chromosome fusion. We have one less than the other apes, we predicted that we can not loose one so there must be a fusion. And there was, with teleomeres in the center where the two fused. We have seen how fusions like these happen in sheep and horses. evolution predicted it and creations has no answer.

  24. ProConstitutioner says:

    Don’t ever be convinced that evolution is true, it’s a lie, and if you ever have any questions, i will re-establish your faith in God. I know alot about creationism and why evolution is bullshit.

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