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World “HIV Fraud Liberation Day”

It may come as a shock to realize that if everyone in the world who was supposed to be HIV positive, suddenly no longer cared about this designation, and returned the diagnosis and red ribbon to the doctor or clinician who gave it to them, that no further infections would occur, no HIV would be spread, and the entire notion of this virus would disappear entirely. What would be left in this scenario is not a world plagued by HIV infection, but a world in which many people are ill for many reasons: Poverty, pharmaceutical poisoning, street drug abuse, toxic environmental poisoning, pure starvation, filthy parasite-ridden water and fear. A fear promulgated and propagated by the AIDS medical front. The Robert Scott Bell Show is proud to present a new video documentary release from the “House of Numbers” special edition film series — “HIV Testing Exposed, Revealed and Deconstructed.” YouTube: Vimeo: Websites: http Articles:
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15 Responses to “World “HIV Fraud Liberation Day””

  1. G0lfYankee says:


  2. ricci1007 says:

    @Martok40 @justjackcollins Have you watched House of Numbers documentary? on YT/

  3. ricci1007 says:

    @1mhiv @justjackcollins Have you watched House of Numbers documentary? on YT/

  4. ricci1007 says:

    Have you watched House of Numbers documentary? on YT/

  5. 1mhiv says:

    how can we work to expose this frud… ? together we stand divide and we fall.

  6. sudaniasuperwoman says:

    On this day I vow to never take an hiv test – at 6:30 even drinking milk goodness. this is why they will never make testing mandatory because everyone and their mama will turn up positive and this will force a magnify glass on hiv and its existance, good video.

  7. poetxyz says:

    Louder, faster, stronger — I’ve lost too many friends and was coerced into taking the test 13 years ago myself — I’ll let you guess the results. I’m so glad you’re standing up for real science instead of Santa Clause science and that you’ve included the voices of many qualified experts. Thank you for each single person you retrieve from the thick fog of lies.

  8. kdcruz75 says:

    1: 10 : 26
    HIV expert Hans Gelderblom of Berlin’s Robert Koch Institute
    HIV islets : from culture : pictures
    gradient : 80% dirt , crap…
    built the elisa test out of dirt
    NO HIV isolation : game over..

  9. tHE1iAm38 says:

    @justjackcollins;Have you ever gotten sick from not taking meds??? And what was happening with your body in 1994 for them to give you a full blown AIDS diagnosis???

  10. Martok40 says:

    HIV+ 25 years on no medications because my body rejected the drugs! I am very alive and was told I be dead many years ago! Wow I am getting educated and my faith help me to see the truth for oneself! It like everything going on in the world The Public Trust betrayed!

  11. TheTruthWillAppear says:


  12. kdcruz75 says:

    most modern food sources cause chronic inflammation ..that create a back door for carcinogens in packaged and tineed foods, and pesticides to act upon the cell over a long period of time..
    see how beer and alcohol is being drummed into students and subsidised in college campuses ,
    they end up bloated and over a long period of time the chronic inflammation shows its true colours

  13. kdcruz75 says:

    so if you lie and say u did not have sex without a condom and that you have a house in the hamptons ..magically the test responds to the lie , takes in that data and tests negative.
    ..i dont know whether to cry or laugh ..and these buffoons call themselves scientists..

  14. Vyn2007 says:

    well said my friend!!!..

  15. justjackcollins says:

    STILL HERE POZ since 84 NO meds and still here with full blown AIDS diagnosis 1994. STILL HERE…………so epiceleet GOD/Jesus keeps me alive ? so much ignorance and so many people with opinions but HOW many have lived with this diagnosis, and WHERE are OUR stories. I grew tired of NUMBERS and blah blah blah long ago, and decided to LIVE.

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