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Living with HIV in Mississippi

Mississippi invests little in HIV programs. The state’s policies also promote stigma and criminalize the transmission of the disease. Sandra Stringfellow tells her story. Thousands of Mississippians are at risk for HIV, and many who are infected are denied lifesaving measures and treatment because of counterproductive state laws and policies, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Mississippi has resisted effective approaches to HIV prevention and treatment and instead supported policies that promote stigma and discrimination, fueling one of the nation’s highest AIDS rates, Human Rights Watch said. The 59-page report, “Rights at Risk: State Response to HIV in Mississippi,” documents the harmful impact of Mississippi’s policies on state residents, including people living with HIV and those at high risk of contracting it.
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15 Responses to “Living with HIV in Mississippi”

  1. TheSanguineOne says:

    My jaw dropped at 3:29

  2. tubestick00 says:

    this is sooo not surprising. the american south is and has always been baward as fuck. theres something wrong with the place.

  3. MonsieurLee81 says:

    My heart is with you and your family, Mrs. Sandra Stringfellow! Be strong and be healthy. Your courage means a lot to this world.

  4. tammiestephens1 says:

    Well, well Mrs. Sandra Stringfellow……I haven’t seen you in forever and am hoping you remember me…… did a really great job on this video……..and your daughter is beautiful :-) It was good to see your sweet face……sharing this on our Walk of Grace and my personal FB pages…….sending you love Sandra!

  5. Herpesnicole says:

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  6. mountainholiness says:

    Thanks so much for this video.

  7. melissabull says:

    I love my Sandra. Dont you forget it :)

  8. RobertAdams68 says:

    A society that treats its citizens like this is sicker than anyone with HIV!

  9. ranus42 says:

    It’s hard to believe that this is happening in America.

  10. LoveToday8 says:

    Everyone with HIV/AIDS doesn’t have an easy time so let’s not make it seem like living with HIV/AIDS is just SOOOOO normal and easy. Some people really struggle.

  11. LoveToday8 says:

    I can’t believe people who work for the HEALTH DEPARTMENT are that ignorant. I know it’s Mississippi but good grief.

  12. summerjewel63 says:

    stay strong and stay positive! like you already are!

  13. juliawoorix says:

    Living with HIV/AIDS is not so terrible if we know how to control it.. Maybe you can check more HIV/AIDS blogs and inspirational stories at POZmingle. com. The STD counselor on the site will give you some advice about how to control it.

  14. lstringf says:

    Job well done my lovely Sister!
    I’m by your side EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!!!

  15. hivquestions says:

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