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Nigerian First lady speaks

This is just to funny to pass by
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25 Responses to “Nigerian First lady speaks”

  1. MegaMikel33 says:

    was I hearin Umbllera??? or were my ears deceiving me??

  2. Madukab says:

    Then Why do you thin this woman is not capable? Because of her accent right? Nigerians should be careful how they bully each other!!! this is sad to see this type of disrespect to the First Lady.

  3. opomaja1 says:

    You can call it “‘potato,’” or “‘potahto,’” what matters here is the message; regardless of what your bias is against the “‘messenger.’” Please, live, and let live… Subscribe to “Lagbaja’s” song of “Ta’bon Jo, English is not the language of our fatherland”… Therefore, stop making fun of “‘Dame’” Jonathan.

  4. samenkonline says:

    Umblella is the way to go guys. Pless your hand there!

  5. Prince Best says:

    where are you going to PRESS YA HAND, it should be umblarra !!!

  6. gypsyz4lyf says:


  7. hitapagha says:

    hahahahahahhaha unbleraaaaaaaaaaa………

  8. MultiSosimple says:

    i even thot she was advertizing rat killer

  9. Kola Akinsomi says:

    GEJ your reforms on education should start from the first lady. We know you can, your name is Good Luck!

  10. demmy100 says:

    Umblella throughout!!! Yepa mogbe!!!

  11. enwankpa says:

    sure, I actually agree with you. She also has to get her husband elected to remain as first lady. And while we are assess her (which is our right and obligation) where are the wives of the other contestants? So far she’s the ONLY one putting herself out there…….

  12. MrBawlah07 says:


  13. Niyi Ogunneye says:

    If d Prez marries another wife, whose money r they going 2 use to raise d child? d main reason our leaders loot d treasury is 2 secure a betterlife 4 there children, pls let’s think deep b4 we approach issues. So, what is better 2 have a leader that’s able to communicate in her own dialect & was able to speak a lil english to peeps understanding, or have a president with 10 wives & 30-40 children what family values do they have. Also we have gr8 leaders/wife that don’t speak Eng but use transla

  14. purpleseyi says:

    true, but what will she tell Michelle Obama, Carla Bruni or the Queen when they comeover for dinner? Psuedo effective campaigning isn’t a determinant of competence.

  15. Terratiger says:

    This woman has unwittingly left her mark on the sands of time. “Don’t press ya hand in any other place but Upnaira, umbrerra, ah ah, Up Naira……up, up upnaira.”

  16. Terratiger says:

    She is a better politician than her Husband. She is uneducated yes and her spoken English is despicable. But if I were on the campaign hustings, I will need a woman who can get the votes out for me. Now, I don’t like PDP and so no Umberlla or Umbreera for me. But no one has told me to go get a Bloom I mean Broom yet.

  17. ukoko28 says:

    This is ridiculous. Nigerian women are better that these. can someone give JoJoman another wifey wife. This is not a good time to be first lady.

  18. ukoko28 says:

    This is ridiculous. Nigerian women are better that these. can someone give JoJoman another wifey wife

  19. summerglow says:

    LOL!!! someone needs to explain to me why i should press my hand on the umblera/umbrera….i don’t even like the idea of my hand being pressed in the first place

  20. babykingsway says:

    This is embarrassingly funny! I just heard she was addressing d nation and said “we should show love for our fellow Nigerians irrespective of their NATIONALITIES !!!!

  21. mamazeeable says:


  22. babe2slick says:

    woahhhhh dint she go to skol… i hate pple embarrassing nigerian.. unblerra u knw like wat d fuck

  23. babe2slick says:

    woahhhhh dint she go to skol… i ahte pple embarrassing nigerian.. unblerra u knw like wat d fuck

  24. enwankpa says:

    She DID make her point though as her uneducated Nigerian hearers will confirm. “Unblera throughout” – simple and effective. Uneducated non native English speakers in Nigeria will identify with her and see her speaking style as accessible and authentic. In fact, she should have said that in pidgin.

  25. skatula8 says:

    Okay ma i don hear your message

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