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22 Responses to “END OF DISCUSSION 1”

  1. nollywood5star says:

    Just keep watching and enjoy the many more surprises ahead.

  2. nollywood5star says:

    Just keep watching and enjoy the many more surprises ahead.

  3. Eric Mulungye says:

    Point of correction Ramsey, one seals a deal but not business!

  4. natukunda doreen says:

    so nice but pause is mob

  5. nollywood5star says:

    All hail Ethiopia. I’m glad you enjoyed watching the movie. Please subscribe to be notified of our uploads. Thanks for watching

  6. TarikenKEYARI says:

    Im from Ethiopia, This is my favorite Nigerian movie… i love it.

  7. Shane Wimer says:


  8. foxyniky says:

    Is it just me, or did anyone see three shadows?The one in the middle is moving by the camera @ 57:34! Lol.. I love this movie!

  9. CHINAKA UZOMA says:

    Moji my friend..dis is jst a movie cos i know u are a gud gal…small chioma.well done girl

  10. collino32 says:

    I’d like watch Nigerian movies, but of a truth Pastors Children are the worst!!!

  11. nollywood5star says:

    Thanks for being a supporter of Nollywood and more thanks for watching

  12. emmaforna says:

    Last dance

  13. emmaforna says:


  14. Ay SabesQue says:

    Yes! The weaves and wigs are so RAW!

  15. jonellejoennelleweal says:

    Miriam is better for me, even though she is a hooker but she is confident and smart, and beautiful; she is a lady see how she is talking to a man, seductive; she deserve the chance. and very sincere; i can imagine the banker daughter, sluggish and cold:

  16. Ay SabesQue says:

    Ya Mo Be there at 22:35 ! (my song!)

  17. nollywood5star says:

    Thanks Renel. Howz Jamaica. Thanks for watching and lots of love from the Nollywood5star team

  18. renel stephen says:

    nice so far

  19. winston coker says:

    i hate when African men say they love a girl after one day, it creeps me out a little. that is too quick.

  20. Ronny Cush says:

    Beware my African brothers and sisters of strangers bearing gifts. The last time they gave you AIDS disguised as vaccination. Ultimately they want your mineral rights and you dead.

  21. D211087 says:

    comme si comme ça lol

  22. nollywood5star says:

    The continuation is “Battle for Battle”. We hope you’d enjoy it. Thanks

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