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HIV Treatment/ Latest HIV treatment-

Here we will deal with latest HIV Treatment available – Data is taken from (Courtesy to ). It is a comparative study of treatments of HIV rather than a single study.



1.HOLISTIC HIV TREATMENT- HOLISTIC MEDICINES CAN COMPLETELY DESTROY EACH AND EVERY VIRUS- HIV- from Your BODY. All virus will die out and will never come back. Person will come back to normal health in months- READ THIS FULLY- What is Holistic HIV treatment- and Action- Holistic treatment is the ultimate treatment for HIV. This is a Chinese herbal treatment, where purest and rarest Chinese herbals can be used to treat HIV. Here the holistic medicine will stop HIV to enter in CD4 Cells and stop it from multiplying, this way holistic treatment will stop the HIV from completing the life cycle and HIV will die to to that. HIV IN YOUR BODY WILL BE DESTROYED FULLY AND PATIENT WILL COME BACK TO NORMAL LIFE. It has no side effects at all. FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE OR

In Ayurveda treatment for HIV they prepare medicines to increase the immunity several times more than normal immunity. In such cases even if HIV attacks Immunity, it can not cause much damage as the increase in immunity will be high.Ayurvedic HIV Treatment is based on this. Types of Ayurveda treatments and medicines for HIV-are

1. Ayurvedic HIV Treatment using VIRUS Killers- In ayurveda there are potent virus killers which can Kill different viruses. including HIV Virus – Examples aree chathura,

2.Ayurvedic HIV Treatment using IMMUNE Developers- Through this Ayurvedic HIV Treatment we can develop immunity and CD4 cells as well as CD8 cells. This will increase immunity and equip patient to fight HIV. Examples of such medicines are Chyavanprash, Ashwagandha Rasayana, Ajamamsa Rasayana, KanmadaRasayana, Shonitha Baskara Arishta. Very effective if combined with first type of treatment.

3. Ayurvedic HIV Treatment using BODY CLEANERS- Such kind of drugs can clean body , nerves, even cells. Such cleaning drug examples are- Shonitha Baskara Arishta, nanary Arishta, Ksheera Bala. Very good for huge increase in immunity.

Ayurvedic HIV Treatment using and research- There are lot of research works going on in this subject. In kerala Kotakal Ayurvaidya shala making lot of efforts in this direction. Ayurveda associations are spending lot of money in this regard. HIV Treatment through ayurveda is gaining ground as no side effects in ayurveda

Less side effects, but not so simple to use. If is effective and not so costly. Dosages and medicines will be different in different cases. Many companies are promoting several successful Ayurvedic products with Anti HIV Qualities. In short Ayurveda HIV treatment can check the illness but can not cure fully.

3.HOMEOPTHIC HIV TREATMENT- Homeopathic medicines medicines offers excellent protection from lose of CD4 Cells and also offers viral destruction to an extent. But it can contain the growth of virus and check the HIV but can not destroy all and complete HIV from your body.This has no side effects and is excellent in use due to the simplicity. It is less costly and fine as well as effective. Main homeopathic medicines which are used for hiv treatment -1. Arsenic Alba – 200 C

2. Arsenic Iodum – 200c

3. Belladonna 30x

4. Nat rum Moor- 30 c And many more- more than 100 medicines are being used for this purpose. But in homeopathy there is no such general treatment- Since homeopathic treatment is customized to a patient`s requirement, it could vary from person to person. Homeopathy is cheap and simple even if that is to an extend useful. You can reply on homeopathy to avoid opportunistic illness which may come along with HIV.

- Allopathic medicines for HIV (ART Medicines) are really effective. They have very harsh and bad side effects but are effective to check virus. ART Medicines can’t destroy HIV fully but they can control virus and its activities as well as can enhance immunity. Normally in Allopathic HIV Treatment and Allopathic medication we use against HIV infection are 4 types. They are as follows-

1.HIV Treatment using Nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitor Drugs- in this type of HIV Treatment these drugs can block HIV’s ability to copy a cell’s DNA. Without complete DNA, HIV can’t make new virus copies. Example of such medicines are

Zidovudine, also known as AZT (brand name: Retrovir)

Didanosine, also known as ddI (brand name: Videx)

Zalcitabine, also known as ddC (brand name: Hivid)

Lamivudine, also known as 3TC (brand name: Epivir)

Stavudine, also known as d4T (brand name: Zerit)

Abacavir, also known as ABC (brand name: Ziagen

2.HIV Treatment with Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor drugs- Almost same as above -examples are…

Delavirdine (brand name: Rescriptor)

Nevirapine (brand name: Viramune)

Efavirenz, also known as EFV

3.HIV Treatment with potent protease inhibitors- Protease inhibitors will prevent infected cells from releasing HIV into the body. Example-

Saquinavir (brand name: Invirase)

Indinavir (brand name: Crixivan)

Nelfinavir (brand name: Viracept)

Ritonavir (brand name: Norvir)

Amprenavir (brand name: Agenerase)

4.HIV Treatment with strong Fusion inhibitors- Fusion or entry inhibiters will Prevent HIV from entering in to CD4 cells- Examples-

Enfuvirtide (brand name: Fuzeon

COMBINATIONS- A combined HIV Treatment will have all these facilities. All such drugs will be combined to stop HIV in blood. This is called highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). Allopathic doctors claim this is very effective type of HIV Treatment.

SIDE EFFECTS- The Allopathic HIV Treatment has very bad side effective including additional weight lose or even heart problems due to these allopathic HIV medicines. So make sure you are not carried away in flood. Make sure you know what is going to happen when you use these lethal medicines. In some cases multi organ failures also may come.


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